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People in the business of art have a varied alternative when it pertains to jobs, and there are various avenues they can choose from. There are plenty of designers and musicians out there that make an excellent living, functioning either as freelancers or full time artists. Some examples are selling their crafts and paintings, starting their own accessories businesses, work as crafts specialist or interior designer, website designer, illustrator, multimedia developer and numerous more.


With today’s modern technology, jobs for developers and musicians in multimedia, computer system and the software industry have considerably boosted.  The biggest climb has been in the fields of interactive style, software application layout, visuals layout and animation. Musicians can also work in design firms, software application publishing firms, galleries, craft instructions, journals, newspapers and lots of even more. Due to innovation in multimedia and computer technology, an occupation course in computer system imaging, 3D style for films and other related jobs is additionally coming to be significantly preferred.


Many Famous Arts Schools in North America


It’s important to locate the best art school to help you jump-start your career. Here are a few of the best art schools in the US


School of Art Institute of Chicago/SAIC

(Chicago, Illinois).


SAIC is situated right in the center of Chicago. It offers a unique environment for its pupils to help boost their know-how in art history, procedures, concept and education.



Academy of Art University

(San Francisco, California).


Academy of Art University is popular for offering superb art degrees and programs in 18 majors. This includes Fine Arts, Performing, Style, Advertising and Style among a lot of others. It is recognized as one of the leading art schools that also supply high-quality online education and learning level programs.


Julliard School

(New York City, New York).


Julliard is among the most prestigious institutions in America, understood to accept just 500 pupils. It is renowned for its strict approval procedures, averaging just 7.6 %. It also offers degrees in Drama, Songs and Dancing. 2 of Julliard’s most well known alumni are Barry Manilow and Robin Williams.


Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

(Old Lyme, Connecticut).


Unlike normal arts institutions, Lyme Academy centers it’s education on the tradition and history of art.


Savannah College of Art and Design/SCAD

(Savannah, Georgia).


Savannah College of Art and Design or SCAD is a rather young institution compared to other well-known crafts and style institution. It motivates its students to expand their crafts and style knowledge and experience abroad.


The Most Popular Art Careers


Many individuals think that having a level in craft is just limited to paints and related crafts. In fact, there are many careers available around appropriate for craft majors. The type you decide on will depend on the area you specialize in and your interests. Below are the most well liked jobs for craft degree majors.


Interior Developer

In order to fulfill the stylistic needs of clients, you should use style, color, design, arrangement and psychology to feel and attain the appropriate look of the room. Average yearly wage of interior designers varies from $25,000– $100,000.


Fine Artist

This area is great for people who have specialized skills in a certain craft, like paint, ceramic structure, photography and the likes. Getting a craft degree will further sharpen your skills to improve your long-term career targets.

If you are actually intending on generating income from your abilities, you have to have sturdy drive and commitment to make it in the market. Choosing a profession in crafts can be rather lucrative, though quite tough initially.



Illustrators are responsible for creating and producing images, styled photos and designing images for magazines, newsletters, books and related print media. Selecting a profession as illustrator could range from creative illustrations (i.e., kids’ manuals) to technical images (i.e. literary journals). Among all art jobs, a profession as illustrator has a higher salary, with annual salaries varying from $40,000– $150,000.


Gallery Curator

Not all tasks in the arts business need creative skills. If you are not so imaginative on your own yet have a deep love for art, you can still bag a job in the art sector as museum conservator. Your job also requires you to acquire pieces of art work and make plans on how to show them.


Visual Communications

Visual communications or advertising art is one more career choice for anybody with an arts degree. This field could either be on the Internet or print media. This task requires making layouts, storyboards, thumbnails and artwork for advertising.


Working in the advertising arts field can be quite rewarding. Nonetheless, you have to be able to develop creative tips for customers, be deadline-oriented and have the ability to work under pressure. Relying on your abilities and encounter, typical annual income in this industry can vary from $40,000– $400,000.


Game Design

This is among the highly sought-after jobs nowadays, both for mobile and the Net. From the name itself, your main task is to make games. A whole lot similar to Internet design; game creating combines both innovation and art to produce personalities, computer animations, flow and reasoning of the game. Digital media production is a must for this field of work.


Nowadays, with people becoming more and more dependant on the Internet, demand for online marketing capabilities and multimedia musicians has actually enhanced considerably. Therefore, it is highly advised to combine your creative capabilities with various other majors or certification programs in order to make yourself a lot more valuable.



Let’s not forget about some other kinds of arts, like the photographer.  Technology has gone so far in the last 5 years that someone with a small point and shoot camera can no longer call themselves an artist.  These days you need a nice DSLR camera to even get into the ball park.  But, if this avenue is the way you’d like to go, then I suggest following some popular DSLR or Wedding Video blogs and start learning from the pros.

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